Bridal Bingo printable shower game

We've taken the Classic Game of Bingo and pre-filled the Bingo card with Wedding items. And with our Game Card Generator, you get a different Bridal Bingo Card for each guest - even if you have 200 guests! Generator will scramble items for unique cards. Two versions included. Call cards included. Start printing as soon as you order!

Time to play: 10 minutes
Players: unlimited
Winners: 1 - 3

How to Play: Two versions included, three ways to play. Pre-filled with wedding items, or customize with your own items, or have guests fill in their own blank card beforehand. Print a game card for each guest using our generator. Players listen for you to call words, then mark their squares. Use M&M's, candies, pennies, or even a pencil to mark squares.

Scoring: First player to have five in a row - across, up and down, or diagonal - wins. Continue to play for borders or blackout if you have multiple winners or wish to extend the game. Call cards included.

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